Monday, January 7, 2008

Here it goes!

Not sure if anyone is going to pay any attention to this, but I think it will be fun. My brother-in-law, Robbie, has been trying to get me to do this for a few months now. I have actually tried to put it together before, but due to my lack of patience and computer knowledge, I never really followed through. Anyways, I am finally doing it. My days are crazy, busy, and fun. Having 5 boys is a lot of work, and people ask how I do it. My answer is usually, "not very well." For instance, it is almost 10 o'clock on a school night.....Scott is upstairs right this second trying to get them to bed for about the 20th time! They are so goofy, they really feed off of each other. If one is silly, it spreads, like a virus......sometimes it is out of control....ok, most of the time it is out of control. We don't like to make too many public appearances, but we do. My sister makes fun of me, because we are the family that runs errands together, bike rides, family walks, etc. It is quite entertaining watching people watch us. We are kind of like a circus would think we all had three eyes or something. I know so many people have more kids than us.....some people actually have more boys than us....but, we are still not in the normal category. We get a lot of nice comments, and a few nasty ones. Those are my favorite, because it makes me laugh. Scott has almost beaten up only 1 person. I think Scott and I both agree that we are the only ones that can be mean to our is not ok for anyone else. Life is actually pretty good. I enjoy my life. I always wanted to be a Mom, and I am doing exactly what I always wanted to do. The things that will make this blog interesting, is all of the sitcom-like things that go on around here. Here are a few off of the top of my head. When James was an only child, he locked me out of the house. Most of the neighborhood gathered around to help me. After about 1 hour, the teenage boy next door figured out how to break in....that was not fun. Rather than being locked out, George managed to lock our babysitter in a room for about 20 minutes. He is such a twirp, luckily our babysitter is a good sport, she laughed about it, and actually comes back to babysit. We have had our fair share of broken windows, holes in walls (which I have gotten pretty good at patching up), emergency room visits, etc. I no longer get freaked out at the sight of blood....and I mean a lot of blood. You would be surprised at how much the human head bleeds when cut. I hate going to the emergency room, and am not looking forward to the next time I have to go. Anyways, being part of this family is an adventure.....I have to go to bed, I am exhausted!

About Me

My photo it goes. I am a mother of 5 crazy boys....ages 10 months to 11 years. I have been married for twelve and a half years to an even crazier boy!!! I am not sure how he has put up with me for so long, and then I remember that he is as big of a goofball as me! I get to stay at home with the boys, but I work about 6 whole hours a week teaching fitness classes. I think I am funny when I remind Scott that I am independently wealthy (if you knew how much I made, you might think it is funny too)! I do love to work out, and without it I would be about 500 pounds and completely insane. Well, that about sums it up. I am looking forward to keeping a record of the completely abnormal behavior of my perfect family!