Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am pretty confident that as I get older, I will definitely lose my mind. I pretty much already have. My sister and I always make fun of my mom for never remembering things. She really can watch the same movie over and over and it seems new to her. I'm not quite there yet, but close. Everytime my sister tells me the same story twice, I call her "Mom" and vice versa. (We aren't very nice kids). It seems I do the same thing. So, if you read my blog, you will notice repetition....but just because I can't remember!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A long, long time ago, this sweet, little boy.....
USE to like me. We have entered into unchartered territory. Teenage-ism. It definitely has its ups and downs....particularly mood swings. Everyone says boys are much easier than girls at this age, but I'm not sure. Don't get me wrong, James is a great kid. He can be super fun, and he is a huge help. I think I am pretty funny, he wholeheartedly disagrees with me on this! I was so proud of him when he told me that he is really looking forward to serving a mission......until I asked, "Where are you hoping to get called?" He replied, "Anywhere away from here!"

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I remember holding this little baby, and thinking I would NEVER be able to raise my voice at this person. That didn't last too long. This child is full of spunk! He knows how to test my patience, and sometimes I think he was sent to this earth just so I would learn patience. He is quite stubborn. It is fair to say he is a lot like his mother. My parents love to remind me how similar we both are. It's not just personality, out of all of these boys I birthed, this one actually looks like my son. Anyways, George is one of a kind. He says and does things that really make me laugh. George is his own person, and I really don't think he cares what other people think of him. Every child of mine is so different, and I appreciate all of their individuality. I just felt like sharing some things about my sweet George. You all know how I love the name George.....I really do think it is perfect for him. I am glad that he loves it too. George has always been funny. He has an obsession with Halloween and masks. He started collecting masks years ago, and has quite the collection. About 4 years ago he would wear scary masks to the daycare at the gym. It wasn't even Halloween time, and he would wear them. After a couple times to the gym, the daycare ladies asked me if he could stop wearing them. They told me that he would just stand completely still infront of the other kids until he totally freaked them out. He is a little sick like that.....I on the other hand, think it's pretty funny. He also use to wear his Darth Vader mask. This one was my favorite, because the mask itself was just about the size of his body, and he looked so funny. I remember going into Costco while he was wearing it and one of the teenage guys that worked there was laughing at him. I got embarassed, and at first was a bit upset because I thought we was being mean......but, I overheard him say, "I want to be that kid, how cool is he!" I love George's ability to simply be himself. It is fair to say that George has the tendency to really push both of his parents over the edge. So much so, I actually went to the doctor telling him something had to be wrong. I was thinking some type of behavior disorder. The doctor gave me a bunch of forms to fill out, and then some forms for his teachers to fill out. I immediately knew there was nothing the doctor could do for me.....his teachers would have laughed in my face if I suggested George had some type of disorder. The thing with George is, he wins over every teacher he has. I swear he must put some type of spell on them. I've gotten use to it now, but the first couple of teachers kept trying to tell me that he was "perfect". Isn't it usually the other way around? George can be a handful at home....quite defiant, and at school, he is a model student. He is the only child of mine that gets recognized with an award every report card for having a high percentage of "O"s on his report card for behavior. George really is great, but he baffles me at times. One thing that really makes me nervous is when teachers of George tell me stories of things he has said in class. He is so honest, I am afraid he spills the beans of what a horrible parent I am. One friend in my ward told me a story about him when she was subbing his primary class. She asked the kids if they had a hero. Every kid in the class named an actor or singer. George said Heavenly Father. She then asked if their heroes made right decisions. Some kids said yes or no. She then asked if their hero dressed modestly. Most of the kids said no. When she got to George he said no. She was a bit surprised by his answer and asked him to explain. George said, "Heavenly Father wears a robe with nothing underneath it!" That is typical George thinking. He makes me laugh a lot. George has a good heart, and tries to do the right thing. Another time in primary a teacher asked if they pray for things, and if their prayers are answered. My sweet George said he prays everynight to be able to be good the next day, but most of the time it doesn't work. That's my George!
George is very sweet to me, and really cares about me. When I am sick, he is the one that checks on me the most and constantly asks what I want or need. He is a sweetheart. He appreciates everything he gets and really values his possessions. He takes really good care of all of his items. George loves to dress up and has many different characters. His latest is his cowboy boots and new cowboy hat. He actually looks very handsome, because he will wear jeans and a sports coat and pretend he is a sheriff. He goes around the house calling me "little lady". Is that normal? I don't know. But, that's my Georgie.....and I love him!

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