Friday, May 30, 2008

I Stole a Post

I admit when I steal things, and I totally stole this post from my friend, Heather. Here is a short little test.....let me know who you are. In case you are wondering, my results were....

You Are Ariel!

Headstrong and fiesty. You have a mind of your own that's full of romantic dreams about the world around you. Exploring exotic places is your ultimate dream, and although you can be a little naive you'll realize that there is something to be gained from your family's wisdom.

I am very aware that the first 2 descriptions are spot on! You are who you are....if I can pretend I am a particular princess, so be it! By the way, Heather is Cinderella. She is patient, kind and, I am pretty sure she won't be mad I stole her post! Thanks Heather!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Since I am not the nicest Mom and posted when James was the "smartest of the dumbest" in his is only appropriate to post when he succeeds. He came home from school with 100% on his math test. Not only did he get 100% on his retake test, he also got a 100% on his next one

Yes, he insisted I put it on the fridge! So, there is hope. Boys are very interesting creatures, and I am hoping I start to understand them soon. Anyways, days are going by quickly and school will be over before I know it. I think they figured there were only 11 days of school left.....and then they are home ALL day. I am kind of looking forward to long as they aren't fighting, we have a good time. With the help from my friend, Tiffany, I am planning on getting an outdoor bootcamp put, if anyone is interested, let me know, and I will give you the details.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Stupid Toothfairy!!!

Things have been crazy busy, so busy that I actually forgot to take James to guitar practice Monday. It is scary when you feel your mind slipping. Anyways, the major excitement was when George lost his first tooth. He is 6 1/2 and has been waiting forever for this to happen. Well, I don't know about your toothfairy, but our toothfairy is the biggest dingbat! Our toothfairy has a very bad reputation. She forgets all the time to leave something. She has been known to leave money and forget to take the tooth....come back the next night and leave more money. The tales are endless. Anyways, George was so excited to put his tooth under the pillow.....needless to say he was super disappointed when his tooth was still there with NO money. The toothfairy definitely got scolded and the poor child had to wait an extra night for any $. It was funny, because the toothfairy actually ran into Robbie in the middle of the night. He said he set his alarm incase the 'fairy' forgot again. Poor Robbie feeling bad for my neglected children.

So, I am a bit annoyed with my husband for more than a few reasons, but I won't go airing our dirty laundry here.....ok well a little bit....reason #1 He got ANOTHER speeding ticket. It is not that hard to drive the speed limit.....not even that, you can drive 10mph over and not get a ticket. It hit a nerve, because he now has 3 tickets he is in the process of taking care of. It is bad enough paying the ticket, but now our insurance will be through the roof. #2 It takes forever for him to complete projects. He is fantastic at starting them, but finishing is a whole different story. Anyways, he started the process of relocating the dog for us......and has yet to do it. Here is a picture of what the dog did to KC today......poor KC. Hopefully this is the push he needs to finish this project!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Preparing My Boys For.....Jail?

I was so happy when we woke up this morning to get ready for school and I did not have to drag the boys into the bathroom to do their hair. It was so hot this weekend, we buzzed them. All except for James.....he is starting to care a bit more about looks lately. Anyways, they are very cute, but could be mistaken for convicts.....especially Charlie...

So, this is how we spent our FHE......the beach was gorgeous. These pictures were taken at 6:00 at night. We packed up a dinner, went over the boys Faith in God goals, let the kids play around, and LOVED it. We didn't leave until 7:30. We tried to relax a little bit, but this is usually what happens....

KC's new thing is walking around with his tongue sticking out...

No more mullet for KC!!!

Honestly, this was

the best group pic

of them.

One more totally unrelated picture........

James is not even a teenager yet, and finds me very annoying. We were goofing around with the camera, and I tried kissing him for would have thought I was pouring ice water on him. He got so tensed up, he acted like it was torture. I finally got him to agree to this picture by promising to not actually kiss his face.....I told him that when I die and he sees this picture, he will be sad I didn't really kiss him.......he didn't really seem to care! Even though James can't stand me, we were very excited for him this weekend. James participated in the Junior Olympics. He competed in 2 events....the 200 meter and 6 man relay. He ended up coming in 1st place for both events. It was very exciting. I wish I could say he got it from me....I am definitely not a runner, when people ask what I played in high school, I say the piano.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Can You Try Not To Bleed On The Carpet?

Yes, those are the words I say when my 6 year old comes downstairs with a slight hole in his head. I have not had to deal with any broken bones yet, (I am sure I will be posting about that in the future) but I have had plenty of experience with bloody heads. I have to go teach a bootcamp class in a couple of hours, and there is noway I'd be back in time if we went to the ER. I hate the ER, and will avoid it at any cost. Anyways, lets back up a little bit. I sent George and Curtis upstairs to clean their room. Unfortunately, I had the baby monitor still on, and could hear them fighting. Curtis was really irritated that George wasn't cleaning. I was just about to turn off the monitor so I wouldn't have to listen to their bickering, when I started to hear that cry. The cry that lets you know this isn't a fake cry. Then, the freaked out brother calling my name once he sees all of the blood. We have gone through this sooooo many times that I actually didn't get up from the couch. James got up and told me that George was hurt. George was dripping blood. He was goofing around on Curtis's bed, fell off, and hit the corner of the dresser with the side of his face. George totally panics, so once he saw the blood he was in hysterics. He was walking towards me (by this time I actually got up) I met him right where the kitchen meets the family room, and my first words were "Try not to drip your blood on the carpet!" I caught the blood in my hand as we hurried into the bathroom. I delegated the assignments out to the other boys: James - get a washcloth (which ended up being a huge junk towel) - Charlie - get the phone, and Curtis - get the camera. So, we were set. It has been about 1/2 hour, and the bleeding is under control. I plan on putting these surgi-strips over the wound, and if that holds it, then we are so not going to urgent care. Last time, Curtis cut open his forehead right before I had to teach my Turbo Kick class.....I made the mistake of taking him to the Urgent Care, and was able to get someone else to teach my class. Not this time.....I am not missing my workout for this head wound. If his head is still bleeding after the gym then I guess we'll go, but I don't think we'll have to! I think I was a lot more sensitive the first few cut heads, but I think it is obvious that I have hardened up a bit. Alrighty, I gotta go get ready for my class!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Who's Herson?

Yesterday was Mother's was nice, except that almost everyone in my house is sick. The boys brought me breakfast in bed along with all of the cards and presents they made for me. George gave me his, and it said, "To Mom From Herson" I said, "George, do you have a kid named Herson in your class "(I pronounced it Hersen.....of course) Curtis looked at me like I was a complete idiot, and George was just confused, I think he just said ,"huh?" I have been getting on George for not putting any spaces in between his words. I am sure you caught on immediately, but it turns out that Herson really was Her Son. Besides, who writes To Mom, From Her Son.....why didn't he just put George? Anyways, I almost peed my pants, because I amuse myself that much! I thought my stupidity was funny, and it just gave my kids another reason to not be able to stand me. I actually think I am kind of intelligent, but I am proving myself otherwise. We all have our strongpoints....mine definitely is spelling. It is kind of a useless gift, unless I ever get on Wheel of Fortune - which I can't even apply for for a few more years, since Scott was employed by ABC. I have definitely looked into it, because I think I would have a real good shot. Plus, I kick butt at Boggle and Scrabble. In real life I could use some help. I just started studying to get my certification for Personal Training. I am a bit worried about actually passing the test.....there is so much information, it kind of hurts my brain! Oh well, we'll see how it goes.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I Made A New Friend!

What do you do when your 14 month old ingests wall spackle? Well, if you have been keeping up with my posts, you know that I patch walls A LOT! While I was cleaning downstairs KC found the wall spackle, opened it, spread it all over upstairs, and I am pretty sure he tried a taste, because he spit it out all over the chair in my room. I called Scott, but he must be screening again, because he didn't answer. I then called my sister, Lana, because she has one child that is a lot like mine. I thought she was crazy when she got really excited and told me to call poison control. She said, "I LOVE poison control, I call them all of the's fun. Make sure you call me back and let me know how it goes." I am such a good Mom, as soon as I found him, I gave him milk, and put him down for another nap.......and of course I turned up the monitor really loud...just to make sure he was still breathing. Anyways, I called poison control, and I feel like I made a new friend. Her name is Kathy from the San Francisco office, and she was soooo nice. I know I don't get out much, but after our conversation, I am looking forward to our next questionable ingestion! By the way, depending on the type, most wall spackle is a calcium deposit, so if you are looking at the cup half full, it was probably good for him.

The time has come where I have to admit I dislike all of my children equally. I can tell when people have is no secret that in my family my brother is my mom's favorite and I am for sure my dad's favorite....sorry Lana. Anyways, I really do love all of my kids....I feel super lucky to have 5 healthy boys....I am very blessed....ok with that being said, I really do dislike them equally.....I love them, but they are typical boys and each have their unique way of driving me totally insane. They always accuse me of liking one more than the other, but my answer is always this...."Nope, I dislike you all the same." I really am a horrible Mother....oh well. KC is super sweet, but he is no longer a baby, and he is wearing me out you know, he is into putting things into the toilet, and we are going to have to start standing while we eat, because I am going to have to take all of the chairs out because of this.....
He thinks he is so funny!!! Here is a picture I think is funny.....

He walked around like that....I just wanted to bite his butt! Is that weird?!?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Part Two

Yesterday a car, today a baseball. Some of you were very impressed at how clean my toilet was yesterday. Just so you know, this is a different bathroom, and yes, clean toilet. KC actually closed the lid, so when I went in for my daily toilet cleaning this is what I found. Something you may not know about me is I hate nasty smells. That is not good when you are raising five smelly boys. I only have one brother, and he would repulse me at dinner, because he always smelled like a dirty dog. Now I have five of those. I roll down every window in the car when I pick them up from school, clean the bathroom floor and toilet daily, and spray Febreeze a lot (I love that stuff). My house might not be super clean, but my goal is to not have it smell nasty......I can only do my best.....I live in a house with 7 males......I have everything working against me!
p.s. I believe that is the same baseball KC was banging against the mirror in the last is now in the trash!

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My photo it goes. I am a mother of 5 crazy boys....ages 10 months to 11 years. I have been married for twelve and a half years to an even crazier boy!!! I am not sure how he has put up with me for so long, and then I remember that he is as big of a goofball as me! I get to stay at home with the boys, but I work about 6 whole hours a week teaching fitness classes. I think I am funny when I remind Scott that I am independently wealthy (if you knew how much I made, you might think it is funny too)! I do love to work out, and without it I would be about 500 pounds and completely insane. Well, that about sums it up. I am looking forward to keeping a record of the completely abnormal behavior of my perfect family!