Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ladies Beware

I think it is good to advise young men to date several girls before they get serious with anybody. I think it is great advice especially when they are of appropriate age. I am pretty sure 4 is not the appropriate age. I would warn every lady over the age of 4 to watch out for this player....
This is my sweet little Charlie that seems to have a thing for charming more mature women! He has no shame. Here are a couple of stories..... He would never admit to being in love with any of these ladies, but he won't deny the fact that he loves spending time with them. For any of you in my ward, you might be aware that the bulk of his admiration is for Pam Walden. Pam is so nice, she even let him come over for a play date.....yep, just Charlie and Pam. Poor Pam. Pam really is so nice to him. Today in sacrament he sat on Pam's lap the entire time. It was super relaxing for me, but I am sure Pam is exhausted this afternoon. By the way Pam, he told me that you helped him with his scripture today....he loved it! I don't want Pam's feelings hurt here, but she is not the only one. Charlie has a buddy from preschool. They play together often. This last week he went over to Christian's house. His mom, Tina, took them to lunch and a movie. When I picked Charlie up Tina told me that she thinks Charlie has more fun hanging out with her than Christian. Apparently Charlie would follow her around, helped her fold laundry, and when she would leave the room he would call out her name and ask her what she was doing. Later that day he saw my mom. He told my mom that he went to the movies with his friend, Tina. When I was talking to my mom, she told me that she heard Charlie went to the movies with a girl. I was confused for a second, then realized Charlie considered it going to a movie with this 30 something mom rather than his 4 year old buddy. So, Tina wasn't making up the fact that he really liked being with her. It turns out Charlie is not the 1 woman or even 2 woman type of guy. The other week when the boys got their pictures taken, he was hitting on the photographer. She is a very cute mom. She has 2 kids and is a little bit younger...she's in her 20's. He kept asking her what kind of house she lived in and maybe he could come over for a playdate. He really has no shame. He even insisted on driving with her in her car when we changed locations. There are others as well. He also has a thing for Heidi Bollard, Juli Hull and his 16 year old cousin Ashlee. Should I be worried?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sweat Towel Please!

You know how funny it is when little kids are totally honest, and it is so cute? The exception is when it is your is what happened. A few days ago Charlie slammed his finger in the car was getting worse instead of better, so, by Friday afternoon I decided to take him in to the doctor just to avoid any weekend ER visit. We got into the examining room, and the nurse was asking a bunch of questions...."does anyone in the house smoke" The boys say, "no....why would anyone smoke?" then she asks, "does anyone drink?" I say "no"...Charlie interrupts and says, "we drink" Then the nurse goes on to explain alcoholic beverages. My patience is done by Friday afternoons....all I wanted to do was make sure this finger was not super infected, and get out of there. I had George, Charlie and KC with me......not fun when they are confined to a very small doctor's office! So, after those questions George says, "We don't drink, we don't smoke, we don't say bad words" Charlie then says, "Yes, we say bad words all the time....we say butt hole" And that is how this doctor's visit went. Needless to say, I was dripping sweat. The candidness of my children is too much for me to take. Luckily, the entire visit, including xrays was only an hour....even though it felt like I was there for at least five. Anyways, his finger is not broken, just grossly black, blue, purple, and extremely swollen. Charlie is thrilled he got a splint. By the way, I detest that bad word....they get in so much trouble when they say it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Isn't It Still Winter?

It is the middle of March, right? I am trying to take President Monson's advice and "Enjoy The Journey". I have been going crazy with non-stop baseball, fighting children, unfinished housework, gym classes, training, etc. I know I bring it all on myself, and I LOVE it, but lately it has kicked my butt! A while back I made an appointment for the boys to get their pictures taken. I had no idea when I made that appointment that it would be in the mid 70's at the beach. When it is that nice out, what is the point of going back to school? We took advantage of this Southern California perfection and hit the beach...... Nothing like having the entire ocean to yourself.......I've been going crazy with my second career as a referee.....the kids still fought, but it doesn't seem as bad when you are at the beach. They had fun playing with each other..... Now which one of my kids do you think would do this to sweet, innocent KC????


There is something about the beach that just makes everything better. The fact that we had a perfect beach day in the middle of March made it that much sweeter! Kari, Julianna, and my mom were able to go. It was a great day, and I am so glad we had a perfect beach day....that is called LOVING the journey! The only downfall is that I forget that when I am butt white, I don't tan right away. I am a burnt mess! Did I mention that there was no wind : )

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And We Aren't Even Irish!!!

Charlie was so excited last night he could barely fall asleep. He knew "Larry The Leprachaun" was going to most likely visit. Mom is starting to dislike Larry more and more. At first he was really cute (when Larry was solo). He would color the toilet water, milk, and oj green. That was about it. Now, "Larry" is getting a bit out of control. I'm not going to name names, but it isn't me, and it isn't the kids, but the person has given "Larry" a few new ideas. Now Larry writes all over the bathroom mirrors, paints nails, scribbles marker ALL over the body and especially the face. This new assistant of Larry's thinks he is hilarious. All I know is that I had a goofy husband wake me up with giggling. He thought he was really funny.....

Friday, March 13, 2009


Why is it my children don't take me seriously? Does anyone else have this problem? When I was a kid, I believed my mom when she was going to punish me. Scott says I threaten ridiculous punishments and then never follow through. I don't think that is true though. So, let me set this up for you. For some stupid reason, the kids don't have school today. I crawled out of bed at 7:50.....which by the way, is totally sleeping in for me (I remember it being a challenge waking up in time for the 12:00 single's ward). I had to get to the gym to teach the 8:30 power step class. I took KC and Charlie with me. George was watching tv, James and Curtis were sleeping. Everything was under control! I think my class was pretty successful, I get the kids, get in the car, call the boys to see if I should pick up donuts for them......George is in tears, James and Curtis are being mean to him and won't let him play PS2.....they are not allowed to play video games until chores are done...they weren't done....not even started. I was soooo ticked. I told them to clean up the nice to George, etc, etc. This day was not progressing like I wanted it to. I walk in the house to be greeted with yelling and unkind words to each other. I told everyone to do their chores and no one is allowed to talk to each other, all I wanted was a nice hot shower! I get in the shower, about 30 seconds into it I hear the yelling.....I finish up in an additional 30 seconds. I am not even dressed yet and then I hear the crying as a result from the hitting. I was about to lose it. I can't even take a shower and get dressed. Obviously they disobeyed and actually spoke to one another....they are soooo mean to each other. I was LIVID! So, what is a Mom to do? They are not listening to a word I say....better yet, they aren't listening to a word I yell! I ordered everyone to put on junk clothes, get shoes on, get in the backyard, and no one is in until every weed is pulled from the backyard. They have been out there for over an hour, and not much is getting done. I think James is the only one actually doing it. I told Curtis that if it isn't done by 3, he doesn't play in his baseball game...I'm serious. Here is the really ironic thing.....I have to give the RS lesson on Sunday. It is based on the talk given by President Monson on "Enjoying the Journey". It is a fantastic talk.....but I don't think he considered having 5 boys home fighting and beating each other up, and enjoying it. I'm trying, it is very, very hard. I did enjoy my groceries being delivered, and the licorice that I ordered helped a little, but there is not enough licorice in the world to make any of this ok. Does it sound like I am losing it? Even with the boys in the backyard there is still fighting going least they are not inside. We'll see how much progress they make. I will make lunch soon and they will get a 20 minute lunch break.....I told them if they want to commit the crime, they will pay the time......oh yeah, I think I am funny. I am trying to live by the counsel given by our's a good idea, and I am trying here. Wish me luck!

This picture is so blurry, but that is George in basketball shorts, cowboy boots, and a baseball cap backwards. The others are weeding.I'm not sure why they feel the need to take off their is barely 60 degrees out....I don't care if they are naked, as long as my backyard gets weeded!

There is James actually doing the work....some things are very consistent!

Hope this post made everyone feel better about their day....because I am convinced that is why I am on this make everyone else feel better about themselves.....Happy Friday :)

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