Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not Sure If This Is Right???

As you know, I will totally post pictures of my friends in their bathing suits....so why wouldn't I post pics of my grandfather on his deathbed? Well, it would be bad if it were really his deathbed....but it looks like he will be heading home soon - alive! I am going to be honest and tell you that my first thought was, "Oh crud....what about the hats Lana and I took?!?" It's great he isn't dead, but I hope he isn't miserable. Anyways, here is a picture of my sister, brother and me with Papa.....
Here is a group picture with my uncle, parents, and siblings......
He really was feeling miserable. It cracked me up when he looked at the picture and he said, "I really do look like s#%@!!!" We laughed so hard. So, I'm sure he wouldn't be pleased that I've posted these, but as far as I know, he doesn't read my blog! Anyways, here is a picture of my little brother. I try to take as many pictures as I can with him, because I feel petite next to him. He is 6'5.....his wife is 5'5 at most. He is worried that his future child will be super short....at least it is a girl. One thing I do miss about not having Robbie here all the time is the fact that I could ALWAYS count on him to watch chick flicks and reality shows with me. Last night he came over so we could watch "The Bachelor" He had so much fun with me - haha!!! Actually, I am serious. Scott acts like he is too cool for it, but just as into it as we are. Of course Robbie and I had to pose.... Don't worry, the boys went to bed before it was inappropriate - I think!!! Here we are totally engrossed in it.......

KC is on a roll......so far today he has only drawn on George's dresser with marker. Luckily, he is taking a nap.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not One...OK, Maybe One, But Definitely NOT Two!

So, what am I talking about? Seconds. Seconds that you can not take your eyes off of KC. James had a friend come over after school, so all of the boys went outside to play. That left KC and myself in the house. I was trying to get the laundry done, and get everything organized. I went up to fold one load of laundry. While I was doing that, KC got into some nail polish.....luckily it was just sparkly kind, but my front tile now has a shimery glow to it! After cleaning that up, I went to check on things on the computer. For a short moment, I was appreciating the rare silence in my house......that's when I realized that is a very dangerous sound. That is when I found KC doing this......
He really is like Spiderman.....he scales everything. He thought it was really fun to dump the laundry detergent on top of that flashlight. Luckily he looked at me like this......
He has such an irresistable smile, I can't help but to laugh. I was still trying to find the humor in it, and realized it's nothing a vacuum can't take care of. So, I then went upstairs to fold another load of laundry. I heard the refrigerator door beeping (meaning it had been open for too long). I came down to find this.....
Yes, that is a carton of ice cream that he is eating with his hands, and you can see it dripping down his face. This is the same kid that I found hiding in the pantry eating BBQ potato chips this morning for breakfast! I recognize that he might have a problem with food throughout his life, but look how happy he is......Despite his eating disorder, he is a very active kid. He just keeps going and going. Yesterday, after church, he was suppose to be taking a nap. We found him sleeping on the floor infront of his train table, half in and half out of his closet. I did not have my camera with me for that one. Due to his late nap yesterday, he had a hard time staying in bed last night. While we were hanging out downstairs, we found him right here.....On the staircase. Now this next expression of his is priceless. It makes me laugh EVERYTIME. Scott was giving him the "Dad Look" and it is KC's "oh crap....I think I'm in trouble look.......
He is such a happy little thing. Here are James and him leading the opening song for family home evening......

This boy is so busy, he definitely keeps me moving. If I were an optimistic person, I would think the extra calorie burn was worth it. I'm not so sure though. My Dad always says that my kids just keep on getting worse. Makes him sound like a jerk, but he is. I'm not talking badly about my father, I would totally say that to his face. Anyways, KC is a blessing, and I love him to pieces.....I just finished screaming at him for standing on the table as I write this. I am feeling pressure to have another baby....just because for the last 12 years, my body has been in a cycle of getting pregnant at this time. I am also getting older. BUT, you usually need a willing partner. He is willing to practice, but not having it result in a pregnancy. I don't necessarily want a newborn....it is exhausting!!! I am pretty frazzled as it is. I feel like I need a sign....maybe the above is an actual sign!!! Anyways, updating my previous post....we found the smell!!! It was dog pee....yes dog pee. Before Lexi was house trained she apparantly peed in a certain spot on the carpet....gross I know. Anyways, we pulled up the carpet....ripped out the padding. Cleaned it all out. We are going to deep clean the carpets, and it should be better. That was not fun. We got the garage door replaced.....and it works! My grandfather is STILL alive. I drove down with my sister and brother. We met my parents down there. Papa looked good for a guy that was about to die. They were going to give him hospice treatment the following day, so he could be comfortable. Now, it turns out he might be getting released and not dying afterall. As far as we knew he had about 5 days left. Here is the funny thing.....my uncle told us to go through the house and see if we wanted anything. My sister and I found some cool hats, and took a couple of them. We also fought over his new TV, but neither of us left with it. My brother felt too bad....whatever, you can't take it with you! So, now when he gets home, I hope he doesn't check his closet for his hats!!! I think it is hilarious.
As I am closing this up Curtis just informed me that KC got into the detergent again. Now it's not so cute.......definitely a sign!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Girls, Girls, Everywhere....Except Here!!!

Life is funny. My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby. My brother was really wanting a boy. He is as crazy as me, but in his own special way. He is under the impression that you can breed children to be something you really want them to be, and he thinks that if he has a boy, he can mold him into the ideal athlete. So, it will be fantastic once reality hits him. Plus the ultrasound technician is 90% sure it is a girl. I suggested he name the baby Kayela. My name, and our sister, Lana's put together. I can't believe his wife doesn't want to do that....seriously, I think I'm funny! I really didn't prefer either a boy or a girl for them. It wasn't until I was talking to Scott, and he said, "How do you feel about them having a girl?" I'm so slow, I responded, "I think it's great...I didn't have a preference." He then asked the question again, emphasizing the FEEL. I think he was totally stressing that I would be jealous and then start begging him for another child, or be completely jealous and freak out. But, I know he was super concerned about the effects of everyone around me having daughters!!! To tell you the truth, I was a very girly girl. I LOVED my barbies, I had fancy pajamas, loved frilly things, and when it came to sports, the only thing I was good at playing was the piano....well, it's kind of a sport.....my fingers would always sweat on the keys!!! So, you would think I would have that yearning for a little girl. Don't get me wrong.....I would love to have a daughter. I have had her name picked out for 12 years, my mom has the most beautiful fabric for her blanket, and it would be so fun to have pink and dance class, so on and so on. Sometimes, life doesn't give you what you think you are ready for. Did I ever think I was ready for 5 BOYS? Not really, but I am absolutely in love with them. I love their range in personalities, their strength, their little manliness, and everything that comes with having boys. So, all in all, I feel very content. Scott comes from a family of 7. 6 boys and 1 girl. His sister has 2 boys, but she didn't control that outcome. His other brothers that have kids have 2 boys and 2 girls each....what is up with that? My sister has 2 girls....and now my brother is having a girl. By the way, I tried to fill the girl fix with Lexi...but it is not the same. I'm not even sure why I am expressing all of this to you....just rambling with my thoughts. Anyways, it seems that everything around me is falling apart! Last night at 11:00 Scott opened the garage door to get something out of his car...stinking garage door fell apart. That's right....completely apart. The garage door guy was out this morning and we have to replace it.....not exactly what I want to spend vacation money, or any money at all on. The crappy part about this is, it is 100% due to my stupidity. A while ago, I backed my car out of the garage with my driver side door open. That wasn't good when it smashed my door, and took the garage door off the tracks. We have spent hundreds of dollars in repairs since then, and now it is time to replace it. I have to say, Scott has never once made me feel bad about it. I hate to admit it, but I would have ripped his head off. Every check I had to write I would have grumbled something horrible. Needless to say, we are quite opposites. Speaking of getting things fixed, Lexi is getting fixed tomorrow....already complained about that one! There is something in my house that smells.....I can't find the source. I have emptied every trash can, cleaned all the carpets, washed all the dirty clothes, and I still can't find it. Tonight we will be pulling out the washer and dryer to clean behind and under those. Hopefully we can solve this mystery. Tomorrow I am suppose to drive with my parents and brother and sister to Palm Springs to go see my grandfather that just got transferred to hospice. He isn't going to hold up much longer. Please don't feel bad for me. He is 92 years old. He also really hasn't been part of my life since I was 12. My family had a falling out, and just reconciled a couple of years ago. He is my grandfather, and I do love him, but the thought of driving to and from in one day isn't fun. That makes me sound like a horrid person, but we aren't very close, and he has lived a long, pretty healthy life, so there are sadder situations. Despite the fact that everything around me seems to be falling apart, and everyone else in the world seems to be showered in pink, I think of the Relief Society lesson we had a couple of weeks ago, and how we must look at the big picture. I guess my point to this is, no matter how good other people seem to have it, or temporal things get taken away, or even loved ones get taken away, life is good. Is it weird that the everyday, simple pleasures make me feel like I am a happy person? I have so much, and I am so glad that I really do appreciate it. I love watching my kid's strong, healthy bodies, even when they are beating the crud out of each other....I'm grateful they can do that! When the garage door falls apart, and I laugh at Scott when it actually detaches, I'm grateful he doesn't let it ruin his day. When my house smells like who knows what, I am grateful it forces me to deep clean! Even when my 12 year old is so angry with me and tells me he hates me, I am grateful that he recognizes how hurtful that is, and tries his hardest to make it up to me and show his love. These are all bumps in the road, and I'm so glad I get to drive it!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Honeymoon's OVER!

If you are a sensitive person, you might not want to continue reading. Here it goes.....I've had Lexi for a week and a half. I still "like" her, but I have to be honest and say I don't "LOVE" her. She is very sweet, she loves to sit with everyone, she doesn't bark when people come to the door, and her fur doesn't smell yucky. Here are my problems....her breath is horrific!!! It is so nasty. I've tried the puppermints...doesn't really work. I will actually try brushing her teeth, I just have to go get the stuff. This is what I can not deal with.......POOP!!! Granted, her poop is the size of tootsie rolls, but it is still poop. I am trying to get her to only do it outside, and she does a lot of the time. It only takes one time to really disgust me. It is gross. I have dealt with enough poop, I don't want to deal with hers. I don't have time to stand outside to watch her poop, so I am not quite sure what to do. Oh well. And one more thing....she totally licks. All of the time. I think it is so sick! I guess Maltese dogs are known for that. The boys really like her. She is getting spayed next week. It is going to cost over $100. It is 80 something for the procedure and a little over 20 for the pain meds. Scott was irritated I didn't want to waste my $ on pain meds for a dog. Seriously, if I am going to pay for them, I should be able to be the one to benefit. I know I am horrible! Oh well, I guess I did this to myself.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Finally Got A Girl!

Random facts about me.....I LOVE food, I can't stand being cold, I LOVE babies, and I am NOT an animal person. So, this is much of a surprise to me as it is to my husband. We got another dog, and she is mine. That's right, it's a girl. Now we have two dogs.....that is crazy! Our first dog is a golden retriever. We got him when he was a baby, and the only reason we got him was because people made me feel guitly for having boys and no dog. They told me every boy needs a dog and I fell for it. Anyways, that dog is now 2 or 3....whatever. He poops all over my back yard, he smells, he barks, so I haven't really enjoyed him. Also, when you take him for walks, he is usually the one leading....and he's BIG. So, Scott works with this lady that knows this well-to-do teenager that got two maltese dogs. She was over them, and wanted to get rid of one. Scott mentioned this not thinking I would bite, but I did. By the time he got back to her, she already got rid of the first one. She wanted to keep just one. I was actually a bit disappointed. About a week later Scott got a call telling him that she didn't want the other one either. So, she brought her over, and we kept her. This is totally new for me. I've never had my own dog, let alone a dog that stays indoors. You know I hate smells, so if my house starts smelling like urine, I will freak. So far, she is pretty good at going outside. She had one accident the first night, but has gone outside all the other times. She did poop in the house, but it was our fault that we did not take her out, because she was barking by the door, and we didn't get to her. Anyways, she is very girlie. I named her Lexi, because it seemed like a little, spoiled girl's name (sorry if anyone is named Lexi) She loves to sit in my lap, and she is my shadow. She really, really loves me. I figure since Scott won't let me have anymore babies, this might be as close as I ever get to a girl!
My camera is getting fixed right now, so as soon as I get it back, I will post the pics!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Last Two Days of The Year

Two of my favorite things to do with my family are going to the beach and going out on the boat. December 30th, we took the kids to the beach. I was feeling really lazy and didn't want to get it all together, but I'm glad I did! It was about 70 degrees, sunny, and no wind. It wasn't warm enough to wear a suit, but I had shorts and a tank top, and it was nice to sit in the sun. My nephew got a surfboard for Christmas, so the boys got a chance to try it out. They LOVED it. I am afraid they really want one.....so, if anyone knows of any used boards for sale, please let me know! Anyways, Curtis borrowed his cousin's wet suit, but the other crazies can be part of the polar bear club. You can tell he is freezing, but it didn't stop him from going back in!
Dad giving Curtis surfing tipsHe's up!He's Down!James makes it look easy

You know it is a successful day at the beach when before you hit PCH you see this.......
December 31st looked like it was going to be just as nice, so we decided to head off to Castaic....it was gorgeous
It was not a surprise that we were the only people actually going IN the water. The only other people around were the fishermen. The water was like glass.....the kids (and Scott) had some great runs!

KC loves the boat......he also says "boat" no less than 1,000 times.....he also has no fear of the water and thinks he can walk right into it...we only let him go under once....then we saved him!


Curtis always makes us laugh!

Charlie was the only man enough to do it without a wet suit...he had soooo much fun!

The best part is, that it usually results with this.....

And, here I am being happy! Hope everyone had a Happy New Year!

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