Sunday, June 29, 2008

Everyone's Happy!

Even though owning a boat is a complete money pit, Scott and I decided to invest in it for the family. It is tricky trying to do an activity that is fun for everyone in our group. We had another great day yesterday. Even though James thinks he is 16, despite being with all of us he had a good time... Curtis is always a happy guy, so it is easy for him to enjoy himself. This is typical Curtis.....his favorite food is fruit. I love a healthy snack, but if I am offered grapes or a rice crispy treat, it is no contest. More treats for me!
George has a reputation for being a bit of a challenge. If he gets awnry, we just throw him overboard......luckily, he was more like this....
The only time George had a moment was when he was setting up in the water to ski, and there was moss all around him. He thought he was getting attacked and completely freaked out. Scott and I were really compassionate and had a good hard laugh at his expense! Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of that.
Charlie is very low maintenance....this kid entertained himself with this stick for a good part of the day....

KC is happy as long as he is eating or in the he is eating.....

Here he is getting out of the water.......
In the water......
Out of the water.....
I bug Scott all of the time to put lotion on himself, but 5 bodies to put lotion on is about all I can handle. I feel bad when Scott burns, because it hurts, but he should know better by now. See how Scott is wearing his hat.....

His tan (burn) lines are my favorite. He has a nice white stripe in the middle of his forehead.....then white where his glasses are. My new nickname for him is "candy cane". I am tanning challenged as well, but since this is my post, I have the right to not include photos of me in a bathing suit!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Now That's Hot

Regardles of what Scott thinks, I find him attractive for many reasons. Last night shortly after midnight he did it again. When George came in my room and woke me up crying because he had just thrown up, I asked Scott for help. I was exhausted and not feeling well. Some people have an image of what they find sexy.....let me tell you what I find appealing. There I was about to puke myself, when George's comforter, sheets, blanket, and floor were covered in his mess - Scott came up the stairs looking so fantastic.....there he was in all of his glory wearing latex gloves. He cleaned everything up, washed all of the linens, and didn't complain once! How lucky am I. He is pretty amazing. We have had a lot of puke in our lives and I am super sensitive to smells. Luckily my knight in shining armor has always come to my rescue.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wasn't Gonna Do It!!!

Last night was a horrible night's sleep. I maybe got about 4 hours. I went to the gym at 9:15 to teach my bootcamp class and it was already 96 degrees. My original plan was to take my kids to my mom's pool, but my sister insisted we go to the beach. I LOVE the beach, but when you are tired, taking 5 boys to the beach is not an easy task. Even when you have the best night's sleep it isn't an easy task. Anyways, between my sister and my mom, they made me do it. I got home, loaded up the car, did the worst sun tan lotion job on the kids, and headed for Zuma. Let me tell you, it was AMAZING!!! The water was a little crazy with all of the rip tides, but that did not matter. It was in the high 70's with a very light breeze. A great first beach day for the summer. KC was hilarious. He did not take a nap all day, and when he gets tired he gets crazier than normal. I know this is a big surprise, but I am not that great Mom that gets up and plays with her kids all day. My goal is to really never have to get out of my chair. Unfortunately, KC discovered the water and I had to stand with him for a good part of the day. Not only did I have to stand with him, the water was really strong so I had to hold onto him everytime the waves crashed.....but it was a good upper body workout. Anyways, he had sand in about every crevice of his body and was so happy about it. I think that kid swallowed half the sand on the beach......not looking forward to the diapers tomorrow! I forgot my camera, so I don't have any pictures, but he had a sand goatee, and he looked very cute. He didn't cry once all day, actually, none of the kids did. Everyone got along perfectly, and that is rare! So, here is the very sad part.....James had baseball practice at 5:30, and I had to teach Turbo at 6:15, so we had to leave by 4:30. Nothing is worse than leaving the beach early on a perfect beach day! My annoying sister did not leave until 7:00......I hate her (In a very nice way, but I told her I hate her for that, and she doesn't care). Now, it is 10:00, I am exhausted, and I am waiting for the towels to get out of the dryer, because we are waking up at 5:30 to take the boat out on the lake! I am desperately trying to find a sub for my 4:00 class, so we don't have to leave early!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why Are We Not At The Beach?

There is absolutely no reason to not be at the beach today. I know I am a whimp, and I am sitting in an air conditioned house, but it is HOT today. I know this, not only because my air conditioning barely ever stops running, but look how red James's face is...... What makes them want to go outside and play basketball in this heat? Thank goodness for otter pops and ice cream! How great would it be to be able to go out in public and eat an ice cream cone like this.....

So, this is totally unrelated, but I have always seen pictures or videos of kids falling asleep as they eat dinner. I have also NEVER experienced it, until now. That's took five of them, but it finally happened. Little KC was so tired, he couldn't stay awake during Father's Day was probably the most relaxed meal I've had in a long time, and it wasn't even Mother's Day!
I guess I am a bit envious of KC.....I try to eat my food like he does, but Scott always gets mad at me and makes me wipe my face....seriously, I tell him I'm not done, but he insists......and to be able to eat, fall asleep, and not care that you are pretty much sleeping in your food......what a life!

Friday, June 13, 2008

No More School!

It seems like these last 2 weeks have been the busiest out of the entire school year. The overwhelming thing is, I don't think it is going to ease up too much. Anyways, I am so glad today is the last day. James has officially completed elementary school and is moving into middle school in the fall. So, we thought it would be fun for him to have some of his buddies celebrate with a sleep over. He kept gettting mad at me for calling it a slumber party. In case you don't know, a slumber party is for girls and a sleep over is for boys. Anyways, this is the group that will be here tonight!

They are all pretty good boys, so it SHOULD be a fun night. James is such a huge help around here, I thought he deserved something.

Baseball is almost over.....the official end of the year picnic is tomorrow.....I think James's team has one weekend tournament...and THEN we are done. I am so terrible....James and Curtis both made all-stars, but I so did not want to travel, and more importantly pay for tournaments, so, they aren't going to participate. Luckily, they didn't seem to care and were content knowing that they had been picked. Yeah for me!

Check out this picture of Charlie with his preschool teacher on his last day

Poor Miss Kristen really didn't want to get that close to him since his entire face was covered in chocolate. For some reason whenever Charlie eats it ends up EVERYWHERE. He is by far the most disgusting! She is a good sport and has had all 4 of the boys....I think she is one of the people that advised us to stop having kids! Just wait til she gets KC.

James had his little culmination from 5th grade, here is a pic of him receiving his certificate

I thought I would try to be nice, so right before his ceremony I raced to the party store and picked up a cool ballon and tied some candy to it. I was cutting it close on time. As I was speed walking on campus, sweating, holding KC, dragging Charlie, and holding the balloon.....the string to the balloon completely snapped! I have never had that happen. Some parents had flowers for their girls, and cute little gifts. I walked in and handed James a blue string with candy tied around it! It was kind of funny, but who does that happen to? I remember when I went from elementary to junior high, my parents gave me lipstick and a razor so I could start shaving my legs. Looking back, I wish they had saved the razor until I was going into high school. If I ever had a girl my advice would be that there is NO hurry to shave your legs!!! Shaving legs is such a pain.

They had some balloon bouquets tied to the chairs, so for that picture I grabbed them pretending those were the ones I got for him......yes, I think I am funny!

So, school is out. I am excited for the fun times and lazy days, but am not looking forward to fights and complaints of boredom! I will be glad once I get my studying done for the personal training, and Branden and I are attempting to get our outdoor bootcamp going. Busy, busy ,busy! I will email fliers out to some of you.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm Finally Good For Something!

I love to watch Scott and the boys bond over sports and all of the "guy" stuff they do. I think it is very important between a father and his sons. They usually go to their dad for that kind of stuff. Thank goodness, because they would get no help from me. Today was a new day.....James finally came to me for guidance. His class is doing a Scrabble club, and he asked me to show him the way! So, this morning we played Scrabble. He did very we all know, I am not that "nice" Mom, so I did not take it super easy on him. Scott actually got annoyed with me when I was dishing out some Scrabble trash talk! Hey, it's part of the game. Some of my favorites are....."there is no crying in Scrabble!" ...."Bam! That's how it is done!"....."Don't hate the player, hate the game" so on and so on. I am not sure why James doesn't come to me for more guidance. Anyways, we had a fun game.....I didn't beat him by too much, so maybe I am not as good as I think I am....which is usually the case. Curtis also showed interest in the game....I always wanted kids to play Barbies with, but I think Scrabble might be even better!!! I had so much fun.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Lucky 13!

Tomorrow will be our 13 year anniversary

Time goes by so quickly. We were so stinkin young when we got married. He was 22 and I was 20....that is so crazy! You would think our parents would not have been happy about it, but I am pretty sure my parents just wanted to get me out of the house. I had moved back in after a couple of years at college, and my mom was so ready to get rid of me....she had redecorated my room the day after my wedding. I don't take it personally though!

Marriage is not easy, and we have had our challenges, but it is worth it. I really enjoy spending time with him. I wish that is what we could do tomorrow, but in reality we will be getting busy........not in the way you think we would on our anniversary. I mean getting busy by him going to work, me teaching two classes at the gym, one baseball game, and 2 boys to scouts. I am not complaining though. If after 13 years it wasn't like that, I would be sad.

Scott has given me some amazing gifts over the years....from singing telegrams, treasure hunts, and expensive items. He is definitely the romantic one in the relationship. This year is a little different. We decided for our anniversary I would give him his speeding tickets along with traffic school, and he is giving me the personal training package to get certified. We are so romantic! We do have plans to meet up after the kids are in bed and get a bite to long as there is chocolate involved, I will be overjoyed. That is pretty much how it works with me!

When Scott is really annoyed with me, I choose that time to remind him he is with me for Time and ALL Eternity....that is his favorite! I wait til he is really upset and then I hit him with that one. I keep telling him his next wife isn't going to be as funny as me......yeah, he doesn't think that one is funny either! Our marriage might not be the perfect marriage....but it is perfect for me. We are both passionate people...we fight, love, laugh, play and live with passion. We are opposites in many ways, and I like that he opens my eyes to view life in different perspectives. Thank you Scott, Happy Anniversary!

I tried finding a picture where I was not pregnant....but I couldn't!

I think we make a pretty good team!

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