Saturday, March 29, 2008

Scott's Favorite Game

Scott's favorite game is called, "Reasons I Love Scott Cuillard" Yes, he is a little needy like that, but I think it is funny. Scott can actually be very romantic and generous, but it is the little things that I love. For example, when we were driving down the canyon to the beach the other day, all of the sudden he unrolled every window in the car. I asked him why he would do that, and he told me to take in a big breath. He knows that one of my favorite smells is from the blossoms of the yellow flowers down on Kanan. It is a simple pleasure, and he knows it makes me happy. Now, we don't always get along, and a lot of the time he can't stand me, but for the most part, he is a very considerate guy. He isn't perfect, but I guess you could say he is for me. When I was almost 16, I wrote a list of qualities I wanted in my husband. I can honestly say he fits every single one....even the last one, which is "Sings to me", and if you know how Scott sings, sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

There is ALWAYS at least one!!!
One of my favorite Easter celebrations as a kid was our annual egg hunts down in Huntington Beach with my cousins at "suicide park"......someone was always getting hurt. Another generation gets to enjoy these festivities. Every year we get together with Lana's kids, and all of our extended cousins on the Bluth much fun. This year only KC got tagged in the head by a football and verociously nipped at by Lana's vicious chihuahua, 'Elvis' (Elvis also peed in James's basket). Yes, of course that is Charlie with his basket on his head!

The weather has been incredible this weekend!!! Yesterday we headed to the beach. Cousins from Arizona were in town, so we took them to Zuma for some fun in the sun. They had a blast, and I am starting to get very impatient for summer to get here.

Most Annoying

I love to torture my children. James and I both wore yellow to church, so I made him take a picture with me.....then to make it worse for him, we both put on similar shorts. That's right....another picture. He can't stand me, but that makes it so much fun!!!

Ya Happy Now?

We have had the pleasure of spending some time with Uncle Robbie lately, and the kids absolutely love it. Robbie threw such a stink over George's 'Giants' hat, he had to take action! Now George is so happy (and Robbie too) to be wearing a new hat. Thanks Rob!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hit by Larry!

One of my favorite traditions is when "Larry the Leprachaun" attacks on St. Patrick's Day. Every year he comes and colors the milk, OJ, and toilet water green. The children get covered in green marker....which is our favorite part. Scott and I giggle like little kids as we cover their little bodies with green graffiti. This usually happens the eve of St. Patrick's Day, but Scott and I were so tired, we completely forgot. So, they got hit last night.....luckily, our kids didn't even notice. Hope everyone had a pinch free day!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Older, but not more mature!

Things are starting to happen if life that are making me think that I am getting old. Today, I spent the day at the hospital while my mom got an angiogram done. Luckily, her heart is doing okay for now, and heart surgery is not right around the corner. My much older sister has been spending the last few days at the hospital with her father in law, who suffered a severe stroke. Now, our parents are in their early 60's, which really isn't that old, but when this stuff starts happening, you start thinking about health, age, etc. Also, tonight I went to a Middle School meeting with James. He is old enough to attend middle school next year. Everyone around me is getting older, but my brain still thinks I am 16.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shoe Target

Now, who could throw a shoe at this face? Well, James has no problem doing it, since that is exactly what he did before leaving for school this morning. Why are boys so aggressive? They are high energy from waking up until their eyes close at night. Curtis was kicking the soccer ball against the living room couch. When I say I am so sick of balls in the house, they just laugh at me, and think I am talking about a different type of balls. Boys are so goofy!!! Charlie chucked the remote control at the kitchen wall this morning, because I turned off Scooby Doo. I know, how dare I!!! All of that before 9:00. Now, that is nothing abnormal....this stuff happens a lot. I am grateful that these are the problems I have with these boys. I just hope I am saying that in a few years from now, when they start being teenagers. Well, I need to go patch another wall!
(For those of you 'Robbie' that are upset to see George with a Giants cap on....I know. I am aware that we are all Dodger fans, but that is George's coach pitch team. Scott almost pulled him out of the league when they announced his team.....once again proving guys are sooooo lame!)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Miss Ruby...sugar and spice and everything, well?!?

This is by far one of my most favorite photos ever!!! After I took it, I couldn't stop laughing. This is my niece, Ruby. She and Charlie are 2 months apart. I swear, she took cuts up in heaven and gave Charlie her spot, because she is a bit awnry......kind of like me. She and George look like each other. For George's Halloween/Birthday party she came dressed as George. The best part is, she acts so much like George too. I love it!!!

I Read A Book!!!

I know I am pathetic, but I actually read a book. I have always said I am more of a magazine type of girl, but our Relief Society has a book club, so I thought I would give it a go. I really enjoyed it. I felt a little selfish when I ignored the kids and read, but I got over the guilt quickly. So, if anyone out there has any good suggestions for my next book, let me know!

My Baby is 1!!!

Little KC has done it, just like all of the other ones.......he keeps getting bigger!!! I know it is a good thing, but it is a bit sad. He isn't a baby anymore, and he is such a little man. He turned one on the 23rd of February. I really do like him, and more importantly, he still really likes me! KC is such a sweet little boy, I just want to bite a good way. I know I am weird, but he is so yummy!

About Me

My photo it goes. I am a mother of 5 crazy boys....ages 10 months to 11 years. I have been married for twelve and a half years to an even crazier boy!!! I am not sure how he has put up with me for so long, and then I remember that he is as big of a goofball as me! I get to stay at home with the boys, but I work about 6 whole hours a week teaching fitness classes. I think I am funny when I remind Scott that I am independently wealthy (if you knew how much I made, you might think it is funny too)! I do love to work out, and without it I would be about 500 pounds and completely insane. Well, that about sums it up. I am looking forward to keeping a record of the completely abnormal behavior of my perfect family!