Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'd Rather NOT Know!!!

There are benefits to having all boys....convenient public peeing, low maintenance readiness, easy hair combing , and one of the best of them, the Father & Son Campout. I have yet to have complete peace and quiet, because Scott's one rule is that he refuses to take any children still in diapers. So, it was just me and KC. Every year I try to get the house clean as they are getting ready, because it is the only 24 hour period that the house actually STAYS clean! I thoroughly enjoy one night of "me" time. I had to teach a class, and train a client, KC and I brought food in, and had a little date. I put him to bed, and watched the finale of Grey's Anatomy, then I went to bed. It was just what I needed. I did look at their empty beds and missed them a bit, but looked at the clean, made up beds and appreciated it! KC and I went to the gym in the morning so I could train a client, we came home, and KC played around while I tried to prepare my lesson for the next day. Not a super exciting event, but I'm a homebody, and it was pleasant. I put KC down for a nap and enjoyed my last few minutes of peace. Then, I heard the garage door open, and just like that it was back to the normal "K" oss as usual! The boys came in gleaming. They had so much fun. I would have been perfectly content imagining their time looking just like this...... Looks like they are safe, happy and enjoying their time together. My perfect image was ruined when they said "Mom, it was awesome, we jumped off of the highest rocks into the lake!!!" Not just James, Curtis and George, but my little Charlie as well. Charlie, who can swim, but not a strong swimmer. He doesn't like leaving the edge of the pool too often and forgets to kick his feet. How in the world did he jump off of big rocks and swim to safety?
Okay, that's not too bad And look at how nice his brothers are to wait for him in the water....but you notice how far away Scott was as he is taking the picture.....
I was not loving this picture.....can you see how high James is hiking up those rocks? Why in the world would Scott ever encourage, yet allow these precious boys of mine to do that....well,
here's the answer...................... Oh my GOSH!!! Wait, this isn't James in this next one...... That's my skinny, little Curtis.......what in the world is Scott thinking!!!???!!!
Just to RE-emphasize the height of these jumps.........................Luckily George is not as crazy as the other two, but it didn't stop him from jumping...just not as high..........................
I'm ok knowing that they eat as many smores as they possibly can, run around with sticks, hike with snakes everywhere, not brushing their teeth that night or next morning, BUT, I could have really done without the extreme rock jumping. I know without a doubt that their father was encouraging them every step and jump of the way. I hope I will recover from this, because next year, KC will be out of diapers!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


It's hard to find time for one on one dates. We do a lot of group dating around here, and it is fun, but I know it is really important to have those one on ones, and I'm not talking about with Scott. The kids really like when they are the only one in the spotlight, and with a large family, it is getting harder and harder to do. I love, LOVE, love that Scott got a special first time outting experience with James last month. They got to go to the Priesthood General Conference together.
I got a bit jealous thinking that I don't get those special times. I figured my options were #1 go for baby 6 and try to get a girl for "mother/daughter" moments, or #2 be appreciative for what I've got, and create my own type of special "mother/son" moments. Option #2 seems to be the most appropriate choice, SO, that is exactly what I have been doing. I am very lucky in the fact that I get to be home with my boys all of the time and every day is a gift with them, but is it really special for them? If you know my boys, you know each of them is very, VERY different. KC is obsessed with garbage trucks, lawnmowers and weed wackers. He makes it very easy for me. As you can see, Daddy lets him help mow the lawn......
OK, so Scott is not the only one that gets that special lawn mowing time with KC,

That's KC with our nicest neighbor in the world, Richard. Poor guy. Anyways, like I said, KC loves garbage trucks as well. So, on Mondays when the trash gets picked up, KC and I sit on the driveway and watch the trash man pick up all of the trash. This little boy gets so excited EVERY single time, I just love it. I also love that he is so easily pleased. Charlie loves special Carl's Jr. dates after preschool. He starts kindergarten in the fall, so there are not many more of those left for us. George loves anything one on one. During family movie night and what we call "Ghost Whisperer" night, George and I have our special spots where we get to cuddle up next to each other. Now, the older boys are harder to get excited about one on one time with Mom. They are actually very nice to me, and don't act too embarassed by me yet. My mom use to let me miss school once in a while for shopping trips with her. I loved it. I don't love shopping anymore, maybe because I am footing the bill, but shopping really bores me. Luckily, my boys feel the same. So, once in a while, I'll get them out of school early to go to the movies with me. I love it, and I think they do too. Last week the kids had STAR testing, and James was getting out of school at 12:35. So, we went and caught a movie before we had to get the other kids. KC went with us, but he fell asleep during it, so it was kind of like a date. The next day, James's testing was over and all they were going to do was watch a movie in class and have an assembly....I believed him, so I let him ditch. We dropped the others off at school.....Charlie was with my sister, so James, KC and I went to the beach.

The weather wasn't fantastic, but nice enough to stay for a while. We decided to pack up and go swim at my mom's. James and I had swimming races, and I am sad to say, he is very close to beating fact, we actually tied. James also took my muscle conditioning class for the first time on Friday, and he was so cute. I absolutely loved having him there! There was a time in my life when I would get depressed because I didn't have a date (yes, I was a pathetic teenager) I guess I received a lesson in patience, because now, I have dates every day of the week :)

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