Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Am 16!!!!

Lately my days have consisted of rearranging each of the kids' rooms....laundry...trying to keep the house clean...sick kids....the gym.....etc, etc. Today was different....well, kind of. I still folded and put away the laundry, taught at the gym, drove kids around, but, I got to step out of reality for 2 hours and go to a movie in the middle of the day. I felt a bit like a teenager again, mainly because I had to get permission from my mom....she watched the kids for me. I went out with a group of girls from the ward. I don't get out much, and it was a lot of fun for me. I am thinking this needs to be a monthly thing....if not a movie, then lunch. It is nice to get out once in a while. So, thanks to all of my friends that ditched their daily responsibilities, and went out with me today. We saw the movie, "Twilight". Since I still think I am 16 years old, it was great. I wasn't too sure about the books when I heard they were about vampires, but got hooked on them like everyone else once I started. I also love Edward. I don't care what some people say, I love him as much in the movie as I do in the book. I also want to thank Jo for the text during the movie....even though you weren't able to go with us, we all got it. I forgot to turn off my phone, so everyone felt you there with us .....your friends and everyone else in the theater. Funny. We all need a couple of hours to escape once in a while. It was nice and needed. Thanks guys!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is It Me, Or......?

I know you are thinking yes.....but, I think there is something wrong with me. Here is the deal.....I finally went and got my hair cut today. I use to do it about every 2 months, then it was every 3, and now it seems like every 6. My hair was the longest it has been in a long time.....hence the ponytails. Anyways, I have been going to the same hair dresser for years. I go to a guy named Guy. What I want to know is, does everybody talk to their hairdresser? It seems like the reputation of hair dresser is one of a confidant, someone that you confide details about yourself to. Not me, nope, we are silent. He will ask a couple of questions, that's about it. I think when I first started going to him, he mentioned that he is pretty quiet when he is styling, because it is like art to him. I know, I think that's funny too. I really never thought much of it, until today when I was sitting there and realized EVERYBODY in the salon was having conversation....except Guy and me! Then, I mention this to Scott and Scott says, "I couldn't get him to stop talking to me when I got my haircut by him". (Scott usually gets a "Supercut" but wanted to see what it was like to go to a salon and get your hair shampooed and your scalp massaged....he's such a diva!) So, these are my conclusions.....Guy must really not like me, or Guy must really like Scott.....haha! Anyways, do you think I am weird that I came home and had James take pictures of the back of my head, and then I took some so I could remember what it looks like right after it is done? I do this, because I can NEVER make it look the way he does.....I don't have the patience to dry, straighten, primp, etc. Oh well, here are some pics from my "photo shoot"

I am such a dork......I just noticed that I never untucked my collar from when they washed my hair. I walked around like that for a while.....I'm such a NERD!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Week Too Early

There are some that claim that I like to be the center of attention....all the focus on me.....so not true, well most of the time....alright, in certain situations. One of these situations being: giving talks or lessons. It is kind of ironic that I absolutely LOVE teaching a fitness class, but there is a HUGE difference between doing push ups in front of people vs just talking, and in my case, crying infront of everyone. I do not claim to be a spiritual giant, and the first to admit that I make many, many mistakes, so why in the world would anyone consider me to speak at the adult session of stake conference? I really thought it was a joke when I got the phone call, but it really wasn't....how funny is that? Anyways, I have been ignoring the fact that it is this weekend. I was really ticked when I got hit with strep throat last weekend and not this one! So, I really want to throw up thinking about what is coming up this weekend, and can't wait until 8:00 Saturday night when it is over.
Something else that is really laughable to me is the topic of my next Relief Society lesson. Facing the aggressor with the Savior's love. We all know I am not a naturally nice person. I can be nice, but I have to work at it....especially when people are stupid! I know that is not nice, but as soon as I got this topic, people literally were knocking at my door with confrontation. I have a tendency to confront issues head on...ready to go, but I have learned that I need to control that, and try to be a lot more gentle......ahhhhh...easier said than done!

Anyways, I got hit with strept throat this last week. It knocked me down....I was in bed from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday morning. It was horrible. I am glad it was just a short illness, and glad that antibiotics fight it off. I recognized something as I was laying in my bed. I realized that each of my boys are really, really sweet. I have always known it, but it made me realize it and appreciate it. They are also very different in their ways of showing their concern. James would slightly open the door, and check on me. He wouldn't disturb me, but if I called him, he would come in and ask very sweetly if there was anything he could do. Curtis would walk right up to me, stand there with his big smile, ask how I was feeling, and offer me something. Charlie would jump right on me, give me a huge hug and say "I don't like it when you are sick....I want you to be better". KC would crawl up on me and pat my back and lay his head on my back. George would come in and kiss my cheek and tell me he loves me. The best though was when I woke up to find this on my dresser.....

What in the heck is that? Well, George is definitely the most unique of my children. He was so proud of this ensemble. He told me, "Instead of giving you flowers, I made you a swamp" He told me this with a huge smile on his face. This is for sure something only a mother could love, plus it doesn't die like flowers. So, this is something I get to treasure forever and ever : ))

Monday, November 3, 2008

Post - Halloween Depression

If you aren't aware......I love Halloween. I am actually sad it is over. The boys have so much fun....Charlie kept telling me how much fun he was having all day on Friday. He had every reason to feel that way. Halloween was non stop fun for him. Let me just preface this by saying I have been so annoyed that every year the elementary schools wouldn't even acknowledge Halloween. I was so jealous of my sister, because they have a complete Halloween carnival, with costumes, candy, games, etc. We have been to 3 elementary schools since we have been in Simi. This year, we started a new school, because they provide a program that Curtis qualified for, and I thought I would try to be a good Mom and give him every oppourtunity I possibly could. I am now 100% positive I made the correct choice in switching schools. Not for academic purposes, or extracurricular activities, but because they acknowledge the glorious celebrations of Halloween! They allow the kids to dress up, they have a costume parade with Halloween music, and a pumpkin carving contest, plus, we got to bring candy to the classroom! These are the things that make me happy! (The previous 2 schools banned candy from their campuses.....that is just so wrong!) So, this is how our sweet, beautiful Halloween day went......

I woke the boys up at 7:00....we rushed through our morning routines. James is now in middle school, and it was crazy hair day.....of course I took advantage of this and gelled up his hair and put different colors in it. Curtis and George got to dress up, and were encouraged to dress up as something they wanted to be when they got older....

Curtis was a football player

George was an FBI Agent

KC thought he was a 4th grader

After the elementary school celebration, I did Charlie's make up in the parking lot, and we headed over to the preschool festival. After preschool, we came home and he got to eat a lot of his candy. We picked the boys up from school, they hurried into their costumes, and we drove over to Aunt Lana's so these cousins could see each other in their costumes.

Let me tell you that I enjoy Halloween masks everyday of the year, except for Halloween. I feel like it is the lazy and easy way out. Despite my beliefs, James is almost 12, and I don't get much say in what he is going to dress up as.....therefore, he wore his "mask" costume.

KC was The Hulk

Charlie the Vampire

For some reason, Curtis despises the Giants, so he wanted to be a dead Giant's player.

George has had this costume planned since 2005. He is obsessed with Halloween!

Aren't they handsome?

Now, this is the part I could do without.......

Candy in the carpet, wrappers EVERYWHERE......it does drive me nuts. I am still coming down from my sugar high, and as I went to bed last night, I couldn't wait to get to the gym the next morning. Since I can't control my eating, I am hoping that working out kind of balances it out. But in order to balance out this Halloween, I would need to work out for the next week non-stop! Oh well, it was a fun day. I have been postponing putting away all of the Halloween decor....basically because I am lazy. So, tomorrow I will start packing it up while I continue to deal with my candy hangover.

Saturday was George's birthday. As you know from my previous post, the Halloween store in TO wasn't doing their 1/2 off sale til Sunday. So, we woke up and went to Target at 8 in the morning. Halloween people are crazy. There were people already there going through everything. It was pretty picked over, but George managed to find a couple of things. We also hit Home Goods, The Do It Center, and the Simi Halloween store....(which didn't have 1/2 off til Sunday as well) Anyways, George had a good time, and he is so simple. He loves everything he picked out, and really appreciates it. I am already a bit discouraged about next year, since Halloween is on a Saturday and the big sales will be on Sunday again! Oh well. We spent the rest of George's big day at Curtis and James's football games....which they both lost. We finished off the rainy, cold day at home with pizza and a scary movie. George and Charlie got freaked out, and ended up in bed with me that night. I hope George enjoyed his 7th birthday as much as I did!

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