Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who Takes Pictures of This?

Let me just start by saying, I have so many other things to be doing right now. I was talking to a fellow blogger about what stupid things we take pictures of nowadays, just to post them. Well, here you go. This is what KC did when I tried to read a book to Charlie..............

Yep, that is a matchbox car in the toilet. I was just about to stick my hand in it when I realized how dumb I am. So, I got a hanger and fished it out. Charlie thought it was the most fun game ever. While I was doing that, we heard this horrible banging sound.....
KC thought it would be fun to bang a baseball against our mirror. Now, if you have been to our house that mirror is huge. It takes up the whole staircase wall. Luckily no clogged toilets or broken mirrors....well, not yet. Plus, I can't believe I took a picture of the toilet! Now it is time for me to actually be productive...I'll try!

Humility Is A Virtue

Humility is a virtue I don't really have at the moment. If you have been following Shannon's blog, I won, I won, I won!!! I won her rabbit naming contest, and she rewarded me with the yummiest cookies ever. So much for my 'starting to eat healthy day'. Thank you so much Shannon! It was a super generous reward. So, if you have checked out Shannon's comments on her contest post, you would know there were many, many contestants. Robbie was one of them. I am not sure if Robbie was sad he lost the contest, or if my suggested name of "Robbie the Rabbit" won! I think it is hilarious. I was gone when my cookies arrived, so Robbie answered the door when they were delivered. When I came home, he told me to check out my delivery....he will deny this, but I know he was jealous. I offered him a cookie, but he refused my offer. Here is a pic of Robbie with my prize.....

He left and came home later that night. I immediately offered him another cookie. All he said was, "I'm not hungry, but thanks." By the way, you don't need to be hungry to eat these cookies because they are so good. Anyways, he sulked in his room a little bit. I think he cheered up when we watched the Bachelor together, but then he got sad when his favorite girl got sent home. Oh well, maybe today he'll eat a cookie with me!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Who Does Not LOVE A Mullet???

This weekend I had to go to an early morning meeting at the gym. Scott decided it was time to cut KC's hair. I was so glad he did it, because KC's hair kept going in his eyes. My first question was ,"Please tell me you took pictures." Scott's reply, "Of course!" So, here are the 2 pictures Scott got for KC's photo album.....

That's it.....that is all he got. I am not sure if it is Robbie or Charlie behind the camera. My money is on Charlie. Anyways, he tried, and for the fifth kid at least there are a couple of pictures. So, the best part is we didn't want to cut the curls off the back (because when you cut off the curls they look way too grown up) The final result ended up a total mullet..... You can kind of see the mullet, but I think Scott just wanted KC to look like he did back in the day.....
Scott denies ever having a mullet, but this is definite proof. This was taken in 1990....thank goodness I did not meet him until '94.....post-mission!!! (Plus, he only weighed 150lbs!!!) I am totally laughing at him trying to be a hard-guy in this driver's license.......what a goober!

Friday, April 25, 2008

What Is Going On?

Okay, so this is one of those weeks that I just keep asking myself, "What in the heck am I doing wrong?" Things are being said and done around here that have me completely confused, amused, and totally questioning how we got to where we are. This week has been a busy week, as usual, but this is what has been going on. Scott and I got to go to a playoff Laker game......Robbie will never forgive Scott for giving me the second ticket. It was fun, really fun watching all of the wasted people act like Scott and Robbie do when they are sober coaching the team. I really think Scott thought they could hear all of his comments from where we were sitting. Surprisingly, that is not what seemed a little off this week. First of all, my oldest son, James, is the smartest dumbest person in his class. Let me explain.....he brings me his math test papers, and this is what he says, "Hey Mom, I did really bad on my math test, BUT out of all the people that did bad, I did the best. Only 3 people passed, so that means I was the 4th best in the class. I got a 58%." All I could say was, "So, you are the smartest of the dumbest in your class, congratulations on your F+!" Is he serious? The scary part is he really was. We love James, but we aren't setting the academic standards too high.....please, please,please succeed in some high school sport!

There he is.....the smartest of the dumbest!

Now, with this next one, I hope I don't offend anyone. Let me just say I am not a prejudice person. I don't judge people....well, ok I do, but I don't judge them based on race, etc. Here is how this one went down.....George brought home a birthday invitation for a girl at his school. I told him I had never heard of her before, and who is she, so on and so on. George explains it like this...."Mom, she is kind of black, but not really." I say, "Oh, is she Indian or something?" George then says, "Yeah, but I am still nice to her." I say, "Well, that is really nice of you." Oh my gosh......are you kidding.....he is still nice to her. Well, there you go....I should definitely make Mother of the Year....well, at least Mother of this week. Here he is.....my son that is still nice to people regardless of their skin color....

Also, our dog has been puking. It is so gross, I don't really want to talk about it. I have been trying to get rid of this dog almost since we got it. For all of you animal lovers, you should probably stop reading, because you will for sure not like me. The dog drives me nuts....I don't like barking, poop, and I especially don't like it when he eats the neighbor kids. At least he is sweet with KC. And by the way, Pam, (I know you will read this) I still do not forgive you for putting the dog back into our yard when you found him wandering the streets!

Is it a coincidence that this is Robbie's first full week with us....maybe I can blame it all on him. Oh, and just to keep you posted on our new living arrangement....Robbie LOVES it! His favorite is what we like (ok....what I like) to call "K Days".....that is when we spend ALL day together. Seriously, Robbie will deny that he enjoys any part of those, but he would be lying!

Monday, April 21, 2008

40 Years!

My parent's celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary yesterday.....this is probably not the best picture I could have put of them, but how cool is my dad's fro......here is a better one.....
Quite the stud muffin!!!

Anyways, we had a get together at the house to celebrate , and my mom insisted on a group picture. Here are a couple of samples

Check out KC on this one

I think we finally got one!

We had a fun time listening to stories, and of course eating. Happy 40th Mom and Dad. This is their song. Stevie Wonder was cool then and still is now....great song!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We Are Having ANOTHER Boy

I really can't believe it either. Scott is super excited about having another one. Now, the difference between this one, is that he is 33 years old, and I am pretty sure he will be a little bit easier to take care of than the other ones. My brother in law, Robbie, will be staying with us while he gets things situated down here. We are all shocked that he is even willing to live here, since we are the most annoying family on earth. It is impossible to sleep past 7 am here, and privacy will be limited. Everytime Robbie tries to eat a meal it is guaranteed that either Charlie or KC will be climbing on him. I am the first to admit that I am not the easiest person to live with.....but I am pretty sure Robbie is aware I am a bit volatile. I am also very nosy, and I think he is prepared to be interrogated about every girl, activity, etc. I joke with Robbie that he is my favorite sister-in-law.....but he and I both know we will be watching a few chick flicks together....those are his FAVORITE!!! He is doing job interviews, but I am thinking my live in nanny would be perfect....I always wanted one. Just kidding Robbie. Anyways, I hope he can stand us, and vice versa...haha.

Now, because Robbie and I have a couple of things in common, I am pretty sure he would be sad if I didn't post a picture of him for this......so here ya go Rob...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fun In The Sun

Anyone in Southern California this weekend was reminded why we should never leave this glorious state. The weather was so perfect. I was so glad Curtis chose the day he did to be born! It was a great birthday celebration out on the boat. We didn't get to the lake until early afternoon, but the wind didn't bother us. The boys challenged the rough waters and took on the wake board. The water was a bit on the chilly side, and I was such a girl and didn't go in. Did I mention I was a bit outnumbered as the only girl with EIGHT boys.....

Now these are the cute ones.....let me show you the other 2 I got to spend the day with...

That is Robbie and Scott....they are both goofballs, but is was a fun time. They are not only brothers, but good friends.....if you asked my opinion, it is sometimes like Dumb and Dumber......as I was pulling these 2 on the tube, Robbie jumped on Scott's back, let go of the tube, and held on to Scott's neck. In my head, I pictured Scott passing out (since he was put in the sleeper hold position) and drowning infront of us all. I don't know why Scott thinks I am a bit on the dramatic side....I always go to worst case scenario. I immediately stopped the boat - told all of the boys if they ever did anything that stupid I would kill them, and then we brought the two knuckleheads back in the boat. Anyways, that is common behavior with these two......at least they keep me laughing. Here is a picture that for sure makes me laugh.....

All I know is he kept yelling out "yee haw" as he was circling his right arm......thank you Robbie!!! I am laughing as I look at it now.

It was a great day!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I Am Soooo Getting an "A"

I am so proud of my 1st grade project George had to turn in today. George got the project assignment a good few weeks ago, and of course I am instilling very good values in him by doing it the day before it is due. He had to do a report on tarantulas, and make a model of one. I was not in the mood to have to run to the store to get pipe cleaner and all of the appropriate items to make one, so we got creative. If you don't know, tarantulas are hairy and have 8 eyes. (My kids teach me stuff all the time) So, this is what we did.......took some foam from a flower arrangement I had, washed off an SOS pad (for the hairy body), and painted 10 straws (tarantulas apparantly have fangs). We glued the SOS pads onto the foam, stuck the straws in the foam, glued paper circles for the eyes,and there you go....tarantula. Here are some pics.....

When my brother went to Cal, I wrote a paper for him. I didn't do very well....I think I got a D. Marcus was not very happy with me. So, I'm not exactly cut out for Cal Berkeley, but I think I will shine in 1st grade....can't wait to get my A!!! ps...I didn't do it all.....George painted, put everything in their place, and cut the legs. All I did was work the glue gun for the eyes so he didn't burn himself, but I am still taking the credit!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bon Jovi Rocks!

Wouldn't it be great if this was the view we had at the Bon Jovi concert? I wish it was, but that is a pic from the jumbo screen. We were lucky to be in a suite, which is way more comfortable, but our actual view is in the next pic.....

That little lighted figure is Jon. Scott is a total Bon Jovi fan, and I am pretty sure if Jon were up for it Scott would definitely leave me for him....which is totally ok, because then Richie and I could double date with them. Yes, I know he is a bit older, but he looks good playing the guitar. I also know he got a DUI about a week ago, but I am willing to stand by him. Which, by the way, my cousin went to the Irvine concert and she said Jon had the leather pants on.....this time Richie did.....that didn't bother me either. I also wouldn't mind if Richie came over and sang his solo of "I'll Be There For You". We had a great night, and they are really impressive. They performed for 2 1/2 hours....Jon never stopped jumping around (which is how he dances......he is not exactly the best dancer, but he is so fun to watch) I have to confess that I could not stop yawning once it hit 10:30 - I am such a loser! I also love that Jon has been married to his wife forever. Scott doesn't understand why that makes me love Jon more, but it does....in a respectable way! Here is one with Jon waving to me.....

Here he is pointing to me....This is me so happy!

Thanks for the fun night Scott!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Go Ali and Kelly!!!

Oh my gosh, I am sooooo excited. Is anyone else a Biggest Loser fan? I am well aware that I have a problem with getting really involved in these reality shows. Biggest Loser is one of the more tasteful ones that I enjoy. I am so happy that 2 women are in the finals. I have been a bit irritated that the guys were clobbering the girls with weight loss, and these women have totally been the underdogs. Well, they have totally kicked booty the last 2 weeks. I LOVE this show....but for some reason, I eat so much crud as I watch it. It is not good. Tonight it was tootsie rolls and Mike n Ikes. Oh well, I'll just have to spin a little bit harder tomorrow. I love this show for 2 reasons....1. I love to watch the workouts and use the moves in my classes, and 2. I love a happy ending. Yeah for the girls....can't wait for the finale!
OK.....I don't get out much. You might have figured that out on your own considering I watch almost every reality show. (Tivo is the best EVER!) Scott managed to get Bon Jovi tickets for tomorrow night. He comes in handy once in a while. Plus, he got them for free, with free food...which makes it that much sweeter. I have no idea what to wear.....when you go to a concert it is fun to wear a cool, rocker outfit, but I was so cold at the boys' baseball game tonight I am thinking Uggs and my comfy sweatshirt might be the way to go....but then Jon might now ask me to go up on stage with him. Oh well, I will figure something out. It should be a fun night!

Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm A Hypocrite!!!

So, this totally contradicts my last post. I thought I would give a shout out to my second son, Curtis, because he turns 9 next week. As you know, I don't like it when parents talk about how perfect their kids are, but Curtis is pretty close to perfection.

So, lets talk about how great he is for a second.....Curtis is just a neat guy. He loves people, and making people happy. He is always up for a fun time. When Curtis is not home, there is a definite change in the mood. Every single one of his brothers really like him. He is one of those people that I wish I was, because he is smart without putting any effort into it. Curtis was an easy baby, and is a great kid. I tell him he was a pain in the butt at first, and that he was a big tease. At the end of my pregnancy, I was having tons of contractions, and then they would stop. This kept going and going. So, I finally went to the hospital, and they were about to send me home, and then he decided to be born. He came so quick, he is the only child I did not get an epidural with! Now, that is a whole other story in itself, but this post is not all about me. We like to tease Curtis....as most of you know, we are not the nicest people in the world, and we call him our little Auschwitz victim....
No explanation needed. He'll hate me for posting this picture, but it is so Curt. Anyways, I love this kid! He is a big source of my happiness. Happy Birthday next week Curtis!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Getting Real

One thing that annoys me the most is when people act like their lives, or their children are perfect. I also don't think it is in good taste to share how rotten everything is either. Let me start by saying that I love and adore my kids, but they are real children and do naughty things...often. I was thinking about this as I had a friend telling me how wonderful and perfect her son is. I don't know what my problem is, but I feel I have to balance things out and tell her how rotten Charlie was the other day. We call Charlie our angry, little black child, because his skin has a beautiful darker tone to it, and he has anger management issues. Honestly, I try to avoid eye contact with his school teacher when I pick him up, because I am afraid she will tell me about his bad behavior. I prefer ignorance on most days. The other day we were leaving the gym, he was walking out with his shoes on the wrong feet and was in pain as he walked. I told him to change his shoes, he refused, and I was too tired to fight that battle, so I let him walk to the car like that. When we got home, he took off his shoes, and we discovered he had stashed a couple of toys from the gym in his shoes. That is when I realized he was a total thief! Yesterday at preschool he took another kid's money and put it in his pocket. When I asked him why he took it, he said he wanted to buy something at the snackbar at baseball. Well, at least he knows what he wants, hopefully we can instill a bit more honesty in him.

Now, I understand that when us parents are bragging about our children, it is just because we are proud. I am very proud of my boys, they are good kids, but they find ways to test my love for them quite a bit!

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