Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skinny People

Most skinny people drive me nuts, because they do things like "forget" to eat, look good in skinny jeans, and usually don't exercise. But, one of my most favorite people in the world is one of the skinniest people I know.....Curtis. Curtis celebrated his 11th birthday this week. He didn't want a party, he barely asked for any presents, and he didn't want a cake.....who doesn't want cake? Anyways, when he told me he didn't care what kind of cake I make because he doesn't like it, I was in awe. I joked around asking him if he wanted fruit instead......and of course he replied with an excited yes. Who is this person that actually came from my body? Anyways, this is what 'dessert' is for a skinny person.......
I threw in the melted chocolate so I could look forward to it....I think I actually saw him eat a bit of it....but he didn't completely soak it like his mother did!
I usually let my kids ditch school on their birthday. I do so out of protest. Ever since they stopped letting the kids bring cupcakes and/or treats on their birthdays I decided there was no point of making them go on their day. So, Curtis, KC and I dropped the kids off. We went shopping for new shoes and jeans that Curtis wanted. I don't love skinny jeans, mostly because they are probably one of the most unflattering pieces of clothing on me, but they're not my favorite look on boys. Curtis tried on a few pair, and even the supposedly tightest fit was loose on him.....again, in awe! We had to go a couple of sizes smaller for them to fit better. They barely fit his length and are baggy in the waste, but they make him happy! We decided to go see a movie, so we went to a store to get some treats. Out of all of the chocolatey, peanuty, nougaty, caramely (not sure any of these are words), yummy, fattening choices, what is Curtis's top pick? TIC TACS.....that's right, the one calorie per serving mint?!? Tic Tacs are something I eat if it's in front of me, not a fun movie snack. Don't get me wrong, Curtis will eat a candy bar, and he is a non stop eating machine, but his natural instinct is so unfattening! I felt like I had to balance it out, so I was all about the Twix and M&Ms. He then got a package of chewy Sprees because I refused to leave the store until he got something in addition to the Tic Tacs. Anyways, we went to the show and had a very fun time together. Curtis is a fun kid that makes anything you do a good time. I'm so glad I got to get him. I love, love, love this naturally smart, naturally skinny, naturally sweet, naturally nice, naturally pretty perfect kid! Sorry for the bragging, but I really do like him!

About Me

My photo it goes. I am a mother of 5 crazy boys....ages 10 months to 11 years. I have been married for twelve and a half years to an even crazier boy!!! I am not sure how he has put up with me for so long, and then I remember that he is as big of a goofball as me! I get to stay at home with the boys, but I work about 6 whole hours a week teaching fitness classes. I think I am funny when I remind Scott that I am independently wealthy (if you knew how much I made, you might think it is funny too)! I do love to work out, and without it I would be about 500 pounds and completely insane. Well, that about sums it up. I am looking forward to keeping a record of the completely abnormal behavior of my perfect family!