Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So, this Valentine's Day wasn't the most romantic, but super enjoyable. Monday is always a busy day. I usually teach and have a couple of clients to train. One of my clients cancelled, so it made it a bit less hectic. I had to train at 4:30....I came home around 5:45, fixed the boys a grand dinner of chicken nuggets and heart shaped wiggle waggles (jigglers for those that didn't grow up in my household), fed and bathed Eldon, and then left at 6:15 for my traditional V Day night with Scott. We had a whole 45 minutes to hit my annual Tommy's run. I say annual, but this last year I was pregnant and I snuck an extra couple of them in because I could! It's not like I eat healthy, I defintely indulge often but I am capable of eating healthy. I can manage to order pretty healthy at most fast food chains and if I happen to get a cheeseburger, I usually get kind of sick, but not Tommy's. Tommy's is what I like to call 'power food'.... there isnot one healthy option on that menu! I get the #3, hamburger and chili cheese fries. Oh, it's so good, I don't know if I can wait another year for it. Anyways, we had to rush back home by 7:00 in order to get George to his basketball game that started at 7:30. Got home about 9:00, showered, put the kids to bed (the younger 4), finally cleaned the kitchen, we finally got to sit down by 10 to start The Bachelor. Not only did I get Scott into this season, but James and Curtis too.....I know, before you judge me I am fully aware it's not the most appropriate for young boys....whatever.....I fast forward through the raunchy parts and then tell them that if they ever bring home a girl like that they are dead! Scott rubbed my feet and I figured if I already ate Tommy's I might as well eat the See's Candy my dad bought me. For me it was an ideal Valentine's Day, but then again, I am a little different. Bonus to the day was getting to hang out with this little one.......
I enjoyed the simplicity of this holiday, but not everybody appreciated it. I bought the boys very simple gifts, but at least I got them something. Curtis and James got Valentine's themed boxers. Curtis came home and told me his friend got a box of See's Candy from his mom.....apparently See's Candy is a bit better than boxers.......oh well, there's always next year.

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Heather said...

you can make a Tommy's run when we come back out, cuz I can't wait a year to go with you guys.

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