Friday, February 18, 2011

Mr. President

One thing I love about my George is that he is very unique. Today at school they had "Dress As A President". George was trying to convince me to get together a George Washington costume last night at 6:00.......luckily I was able to convince him to be a more recent "George" as in George W. Bush. He was happy to do so and laid out his suit and tie. Look how handsome he is....

When I dropped George off at school I did not see any other kids in costume. Turns out George was the ONLY student that dressed up. The only other person that dressed up was the principal. I asked George if he was upset that he was the only one and he said no with a big smile on his face. When you are the only kid at school in a suit and tie you get some special treatment. He got to go to recess 5 minutes earlier than everyone else, his buddies walked around him and acted as secret service, the girls asked if they could touch his suit and everyone called him Mr. President. I love that George embraces his uniqueness.

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Heather said...

He is such a handsome boy. I love that he dressed up alone, that is awesome.

My sister dressed up in Jr High for Pee Wee Herman day and was the only one who dressed up....i thing that is worse. Luckily she was already captain of the cheerleading squad and her class President so she wasn't label the class nerd. Ü
Tell George he is a total babe.

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