Thursday, February 10, 2011

Updating My Days

So, I have a 6th kid and have turned into a slacker....NO, I've always been a slacker! I want to keep up a current blog. I have no brain cells left and I want to have something to remind me what I experience on a day to day basis. Last time I wrote it was October, so I will do a quick update........
Halloween was fun, but super exhausting. Getting everyone in their costumes takes a lot of time. James was some sort of zombie, accident victim (had to work in the broken arm with the costume), Curtis was an old man (which turned out fantastic.....he is such a good sport to go along with my ideas), George was the scary scarecrow, Charlie was a werewolf, and Eldon was the cutest little skeleton.
Football season finally came to an end. James missed out on a lot of games due to his arm, so that kind of stunk. George did not LOVE it, and you have to LOVE it to do it. So, George's football career may be a short lived one, and that is fine by me. Curtis on the other hand is obsessed with sports. He seems to know everything about every player, every rule, etc. Just for the record, if I could pick Curtis's career I would have him be a sport's announcer. Curtis had a great season and received the honor of all-league PYFL something or other. Whatever it is, Curtis was picked out of the entire league as the number 1 pick for his position....he was so excited!
Sweet little Eldon was blessed December 5th. He is so fun, and I'm loving EVERY second with him.
I can't stop loving on him!
December was a whirlwind of events....getting Christmas ready was a lot of work, but we managed. I absolutely love this picture of George decorating the Christmas tree. It speaks volumes of what any activity in our house involves......luckily, we didn't have to go to urgent care and he made a smooth landing.
For some stupid reason, Santa thought the boys turn everything into guns anyways, so why not get them all air soft guns? George's expression would be the reason why you shouldn't. They are all crazy. The best part of this picture is my mother in law in the background......I know she was thinking how incredibly dumb we are, but she kept a smile on her face....she never judges our parenting, but even I know you shouldn't arm little boys with least weapons that really, really hurt and could actually shoot an eye out!
New Year's Eve was bittersweet for me. I have a feeling it might be the last one that we all get to spend together. James is now 14, and as much as I keep wishing, I'm afraid his desire to hang out with his friends will be stronger than to hang out with his family. He could have gone to the church dance, but he chose to stay home, and we had a great time playing games, eating and hanging out. Little KC wanted to stay up til midnight, but his eyes closed for the night at 11:53pm.

At some point my little 7lb 7oz baby grew......I'm not sure when it happened, but he went from this

to this overnight! How fantastic are those legs! All of the little baby clothes are packed and gone (which was a very, very hard thing for me to do....I get a little teared up just thinking about it :(

Needless to say, Eldon is a healthy, thriving little boy. He sleeps good, he eats good, and he has a very calm nature about him (not sure how long that will last, but he is by far the calmest boy I've had). I love, love, love every roll and fold he's got. My favorite part is the roll that goes over his ankle. Bath-time is a whole procedure pulling rolls apart and getting him clean and I think it's my favorite thing to do for him. He is all smiles.
He is just so yummy. I nibble on him all day long!!!
Basketball season started at the beginning of the year. The three older boys are playing. James was playing basketball at school during lunch and had an encounter with a really hard elbow.....the elbow won and Jamers got 5 stitches on his eye. He seems to always get hurt.
Baseball season is starting again......last season I was newly pregnant with 5 crazy boys and 4 playing. This season I have 5 boys playing and a baby in tow. Just like last season, Scott is the stupid president...yes, I said stupid. It takes up way too much time and I am too lazy to take these kids on by myself, but I'll save more of my complaining for later.
So, like I said, I am going to attempt to keep a current blog going....I plan on noting the good and the bad. I can't stand blogs where everything is picture perfect, so I plan on being pretty straight forward, but I'll keep some of the crazy on the down low....nobody needs to know the whole truth about our dysfunction. I will be bragging every now and then, because I do have pretty cool kids, who are special in their own individual if you can stomach it, feel free to follow along!

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