Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Time

As you know, I am really good with bleeding heads and stitches, but I've always been worried about broken bones....for a couple of reasons. If one of my boys has to wear a cast in summer and prevent us from going to the beach he will be grounded, and #2 I have always imagined a bone popping out of the skin and having to rush to the ER. Luckily, neither of my 2 concerns happened with the event of our first broken bone. It is hard to imagine that it took us almost 14 years for one of the boys to break something! Poor James broke his hand over 2 weeks ago and I have had zero compassion for him....up until now. James was at practice and when he tackled someone he must have crammed his knuckle real hard against someone or something, because the center of his hand (under his middle finger) just snapped. I thought his hand was swollen from actual swelling, turns out it was part of the bone sticking up. (Have I told you what an amazing Mother I am?) Just so you don't think I'm too horrible, I did have James go to the urgent care. Scott had the choice of staying home with the 5 kids, feeding them and putting them to bed or to take him. Not a surprise that Scott took him. When the doctor pressed on James's hand he didn't complain so she didn't even do an xray (I should have taken him), so we didn't think it was broken. Meanwhile, James went 2 more weeks, did practice, played 2 games, threw the ball and everything. He did complain a bit about the pain, but not too much. The funny part was watching him play.....he dangled that hand like a limp noodle....I made fun of him, my sister and brother made fun of him, and a few unnamed people were laughing with was pretty hysterical to watch. He didn't exactly have his best games. Normally I don't criticize his playing, because who's kidding, I don't really know what's right or wrong, but I could tell that he wasn't playing great. He tackled like he had no arms and he got super irritated with me for bringing that up. Turns out he had a really good excuse! I took him to the doctor yesterday, he took xrays and James is validated. He got his cast on today. When I asked him if I could sign it he said, "Um, I think I'm going to have my team sign it." That is when I said, "Good, I'll make sure I sign it first then!" I don't know how he went over 2 weeks with a broken hand. He must have gotten his pain tolerance from his father, because I am the biggest whimp. When I was in the hospital with Eldon the nurses always asked what my acceptable level of pain is from 1-10. I told them 1. I didn't think that was weird. Why would you want to feel pain if you don't have to? One nurse came in and asked if I had really said 1 or if it was a typo. I told her it was right and she started laughing. I said, "Why is that funny? She said noone ever says 1, and if it's in the charts it is usually a mistake. What is wrong with everyone? I still don't get why people want to experience pain. Anyways, back to James.....he can't write, play guitar, play football, and to his complete devastation play X-Box!!! He still can hold the baby though :) He is bummed about not playing football, but he might be able to play in the play offs. My poor little baby!


Pam said...

Thank for leaving the unnamed people unnamed:) I am impressed that this is the first broken bone (or at least the first one that was diagnosed---hee hee)! Poor James!

julianna said...

call you neighborhood athletic trainer next time. my tuning fork rocks at telling whether a hand injury is a wussy bruise or a legit fracture. i'm glad that he is casted and on the mend!

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